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the eras: FEARLESS melting pot

the eras: FEARLESS melting pot

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our melting pots are vegan, have no ingredients tested on animals, use  environmentally conscious wick materials, coloured not painted high grade glass candle jars that are reusable after washing with a durable lid, we print our labels without a plastic coating and operate a plant back program on our property called 'the banksia tree project' to reduce the footprint made by producing these candles. every single melting is hand poured with consideration and a whole lot of warm, smelly love in our studio, operating on unceded Kaurna Land.


  • approx. burn time is 45 hrs depending on candle care
  • do not exceed 4 hours for each burn, it will reduce the longevity of your candle and also change how your candle smells as the fragrances will have experienced too much heat work. (if you've ever wondered why your favourite candle became a dud, this is probably a big factor). we load our candles with a whole lot of fragrance, ensuring the smell lingers long after the 4 hours once blown out.
  • please trim your candles' wick after each burn to increase burn time and candle safety, the bigger wick, the bigger the flame, the quicker and hotter the burn, you get it. your wick will be trimmed to the correct length for your first burn. (toe nail clippers are honestly gods for this, just trust)
  • do not ever leave your candle burning unattended, near draping or moving fabrics and keep them away from drafts and breezes for fire safety. it sounds intense but it's for a reason.
  • do not burn your candle if your jar is cracked and please discontinue burning if you ever hear a crack or pop sound from your candle. if this happens please contact so we can provide advice.
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